Hickory PC, Inc. is a family owned and operated small business located in Hickory, NC. We have been working on computers since 1990. Our techs are CompTIA A+ certified and have the knowledge an ability to repair most any problem with your desktop or laptop. Whether it be a broken laptop screen, failing hard drive, virus infection, or if you just need some help with how to use or install an application, chances are we can help.

We are committed to customer satisfaction. Our rates are reasonable, our work is top quality, and our turnaround time is low. Don’t let the large chain stores rip you off. The big box stores don’t care about your problems. They want you in an out as quickly as possible. You are just another dollar sign to them. We take a personal, one-on-one approach to computer repair. We know that you need your computer back as soon as possible, and we listen to what you have to tell us. Instead of, for instance, wiping all of your data off and re-installing your operating system to ‘fix’ your virus problem, we first make a backup copy of your data to ensure you don’t lose something important, and systematically remove the infection, getting you back to work and without you having to re-install applications and change your settings back to how you had them.

Speaking of virus removal, when your bring your infected system to us, not only will we remove the virus, we will update all of your software to the latest version, and install a free antivirus utility if you do not currently have one. Our goal is not just to remove your current problem, but to prevent any future problems as well.

Unlike many other repair shops, we have fixed pricing for the most common problems. This way you know up front what it will cost you to have your computer repaired. There will be no huge surprise repair bill waiting for you when you pick your equipment up. Of course, if you do need something more custom or complex, our hourly rate is a good value as well.

Virus Removal & Tune Up $60.00
Laptop Screen Replacement $75 + Parts (around $80 for most models)
Operating System (i.e. Windows) Re-Install $60
Laptop DC Jack (charging port) Repair (includes parts) $75
Replacement Laptop AC Adapater (Charger) $25-$30 for most models
Laptop Battery Replacement $40-$60 for most models

We can provide other products and services as well, such as Programming (C#, VB, PHP, HTML, SQL, JAVASCRIPT, jQuery), Server Administration – including all versions of Windows Server as well as most Linux distros (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, openSuse, etc), Security Camera System Install – Keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere in the world, Custom Hardware, Home Automation, Audio/Video Installation, Network Installation and Maintainance, and more!